Jun 3, 2010

"80's Levi's and Cropped tee's." DIY

Two of my favorite trends lately are cropped shirts and the older Levi's that people are cutting and making into shorts, which almost resemble the "mom jeans" but better. If you don't know about the two, I'd think that you'd maybe been locked up in a room by yourself these past couple of months because it seems like EVERYWHERE I go someone has cut up an old tee, or a pair of Levi's making it into their own thing. Which is exactly why I love it, because you can make it a one of a kind if you don't want to go to say Forever XXI and spend $20 on a tee that they cut (just saying, i still love them).
Below is how to make your own cropped shirt, and a few pictures I took after I tried this for the first time myself
I asked my mom about this, and she said when she was in high school her and her friends wore the same thing. weird huh? *shrugs shoulders*

Step 1:

Trace and cut the front half of the boat neck using the boat neck tee that you have (if you don’t have one, cut 3 inches around the existing neckline). Note: Do not cut the back of the neck line yet.

Step 2:

Important! The back neck line should go straight across where the white dotted line is and NOT dip as much as mine did. (This was where I messed up, so my cropped tee falls off my shoulders instead of staying put. Oh well, it’s quite sexy that way too :P).

Step 3:

Try on the tee and fold it up to see where you want it be cropped. A good guideline is about 9.5 inches down from the armpit, but you can also just eyeball it. Mark where you want to cut the shirt with pen.

Step 4:

Outline with a pen and ruler and cut straight across.

Step 5:

Weeeeee! You’re done. Enjoy and impress! (P.S. You can also trim one inch off the sleeves to make the shirt even cuter).
:/ I tried. lol

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