Jun 14, 2010


Shanell is a new artist from "Young Money" - Lil' Wayne's label, whom I just recently heard about. You can hear her in Wayne's new song "Runnin'" and she will be coming out with her own CD later on this year called "A taste of Shanell". I don't really like her music so far, but I've only heard a couple songs so maybe it'll grow on me, although I don't think she'd be anything if she didn't throw Wayne on every track. No I'm not being a "hater" (ugh I hate that word) I just feel like she's like everyone else nothing too original about her music.. BUT, I do like her style.. I think it's her piercings more than anything :)
BTW, for those of you who are feeling her, she will be touring alongside the rest of Young Money on their America's Most Wanted tour.

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