Jul 23, 2010

Asha Bashir

A·sha [uhsh-uh]
(n) The cosmic principle of order, justice, righteousness, and truth.

 If you didn't already know that name before well now you will. Asha Bashir isn't your average 16 year old,  striving to become "Facebook famous" or acquire the most followers on Twitter. She describes herself as
"a young girl with a whole lot of ambition"
"a true go getter." 
While most teenagers spend their summer poolside, or at Lenox Square taking pictures in the apple store, Asha is hoping to become a journalist and professional dancer, and is out chasing one of those dreams by touring with the Universoul Circus as a dancer. I wanted to do this post on her not just because she has GREAT style, but because I feel like so many girls put themselves down and think that they can ONLY be smart, or pretty, or talented and she's a living example that a girl can be all that and more. So follow her now @bonitabashir and check out her blog.. http://www/confusedbydreams.tumblr.com  because soon you'll being seeing this name EVERYWHERE :)


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