Jul 7, 2010

Hit or Miss: Rihanna's flaming red hair

So the other day I was at Target and I noticed something out the corner of my eye....RIHANNA DYED HER HAIR RED. Now at first I thought she was just crazy, but the more I looked at it I really liked it. You have to admit that she can pull just about anything off, and she's a living example of someone who just doesn't give a f*** ! Lol, and that's why I love her, because she really doesn't care what the public has to say about whether she looks crazy or not. So next time, before you go attacking her, just think..
"Would I be brave enough to do this?"
...probably not. So just give her her props for doing it..

Rihanna hits the stage in her bright red hair at the Rock in Rio Madrid Festival in Spain...

-xoxo Heidimonroe

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