Oct 22, 2010

uhhhh, that's nasty.

Aaaah, its been like 152,289,789,544yrs since i've been on here! Its been so hard to keep up with my school work let alone this blog, since cheerleading started. Buuuut, since i'm in the house on a friday night (i know what a loser, huh?) and i'm sore from the waist down, with a jacked up knee, i've got all the time in the world to blog right now(:
As a matter of fact, i'm thinking of looking for someone to keep my blog up when the season starts since I always write things but never find the time to post them. So if you're interested, keep a look out for that.I need someone DEPENDABLE though. *cough*
as i'm typing, i'm listening/downloading
Diggy Simmons' new mixtape "Airborne"
 that came out this week & I <3 it!! My husband never fails to make me proud.lol
Here's the link to download it for those of you living under a rock...

HC '10

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