Jun 12, 2011

Equal Opportunists.

Today sucks. But then again that's everyday of my summer that I spend in the house when I wish I was out enjoying the weather. I've done absolutely nothing but watch sappy movies, wash my hair, eat, and listen to Adele. All I wanted to do this summer was work, tan, blog, go to fashion shows, party, go thrifting, travel, visit old "friends", go to a concert or 2, and indulge in some Spanish and Indian food as much as possible. I've done 3 out of the 9 -___- But tuesday I have an interview at a hair salon (which i've been jizzing over), wednesday i'm going to l5p with my brother (where i'll hopefully have some $1 sushi), and within the next couple of weeks i'll be going to a fashion show downtown. So I guess summer will turn out good. Oh, and august 20th I may be going to Tallahassee to be in a fashion show. But idk. You know how that goes. Alright, enough of my rambling. I'm beginning to sound a bit pathetic.lol

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