Oct 15, 2011


Rachel Zoe is a stylist who has been in the fashion industry for over 15 years. She started off in psychology and (thank god) she ended up becoming a local stylist in her hometown NY. Rachel quickly expanded into a fashion icon, designer, and one of the most demanded stylist of our time and before she know it she was not only doing jobs in NY, but all over including places like Milan, California, and probably mars pretty soon.lol Anyways, Rachel Zoe is a huge inspiration to me which is why I wanted to share her. If you'd like to get to know more about her or are interested in this aspect of fashion as well, i'd recommend getting her book A to Zoe on fashion, business, styling, home-decor, and everything else glamorous. Also, check out her show "The Rachel Zoe Project" every tuesday at 9 on bravo! Also, check out her website www.rachelzoe.com
Below are a few pics of the fashion guru..
-xox. armoni.

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