Mar 7, 2013

Yves Saint Laurent Spring '13

New seasons bring new weather, food, and beginnings. In the fashion industry, these new beginnings mean late hours for designers, tailors, and models, but more importantly, fashion shows for retailers and customers all over the world to see new products. On March 6, 2013, I viewed the 2013 spring fashion show for Yves Saint Laurent provided by American vogue. Although Saint Laurent chose ear bleeding music and lifeless models, the overall show itself was a success. Since Hedi Slimane took over and became the new designer for the French line, the designer rebooted the original high fashion couture look for something more glam-rock, as he dressed each model in wide-brimmed hats, dark hues, balloon sleeves, skinny trousers, and tailored jackets.
The Saint Laurent fashion show was all about tailoring and allowing a woman to feel free and express her sexuality. Slimane shows this through his deep V-neck blouses, see through maxi dresses/skirts, glove-fitting suits, thigh high slits, and structured jackets. Although these are trends seen in previous seasons, Slimane made these trends his and has now created a trademark this season for Saint Laurent. The lines collection gives you the feeling of being a socialite in France or upper East New York at an after party where drinks are flowing and chiffon gowns are dragging across the floor as the women gossip about whose slept with whose husband the previous weekend. 
As I studied and made note of the models coming down the runway, I quickly realized just how many trends Slimane placed into the lines collection for spring. By the fifth look, I was anxiously anticipating the next models arrival onto the runway to view the ensemble. Less than five minutes into the show, I had already listed about twenty different trends I spotted coming down the runway. Different colors encompassed in the show were mainly neutrals, including hues of black, white, cream, and brown. In addition, metallic gold/silver, large floppy bows, leather skinnies, harem pants, peplum, and fringe were also incorporated into the fashion show. Yves Saint Laurent’s spring collection was definitely worth my time and I cannot wait to see how fashionistas apply the looks to their wardrobe!