May 15, 2014

So lets talk hair...natural hair that is! The past few weeks I have decided to go back to regularly wearing my natural hair rather than covering it up for months at a time with extensions. What started as me wearing weave just to protect my hair and be able to try different looks, turned into me becoming extremely lazy and careless when it comes to my hair, making me hate the thought of even wearing my natural hair. My hair is extremely curly and thick so styling myself and caring for it is definitely a task so it takes a lot of time, patience, and TLC to keep it healthy and growing. I wanted to share some of my tips and things that I do to my hair (which may not work for everyone) but it's always nice to compare and contrast hair care.

As previously stated, I have very thick curly hair so it's difficult for me to successfully take care of my hair on my own. At least once a month I try to go to the salon for a treatment (for my dry scalp and to moisturize my curls) and a trim. When i'm not going to the salon I like to use products that do not contain alcohol or sulfate to keep my hair from becoming dry and brittle. I like to switch it up so I use either Shea moisture shampoo/conditioner, Mixed chicks, Herbal Essence 'hello hydration', or Pantene naturals. After shampooing/conditioning my hair I section it off, detangle it, spray Moroccan oil on each section, and blow dry! Next, I usually take like an hour break because my arms are exhausted(did I mention i'm lazy?). Finally, before flat ironing each section I apply Chi silkening oil and voila! I have silky smooth hair:) To make sure my style lasts at least a week and a half before i'm bunning it, I wrap it nightly and apply a little oil to keep it moisturized. What is your natural hair routine? Feel free to comment!

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