Oct 19, 2014

Dark Angels

With winter right around the corner I decided it was time for me to give my skin a little TLC and invest in some new skin care products to keep it hydrated and maintain my summer glow through these harsh winter months.

Personally, I have very sensitive skin that is a combination of oily and dry so it's hard for me to find products that meet my every need. I've found that natural products work best on my skin and hair so I usually try to stick to it unless I absolutely have to use something else. Yesterday I decided to stop by Lush Cosmetics, which is a company that makes fresh handmade cosmetics such as: face wash, body wash, face masks, lotions, lip scrubs, shampoo, and more. The great thing about this store is that you can get products made specially for you and try it right there in the store on your skin. I ended up leaving with 4 0z. of the "Dark Angels" face wash for about $15 which is a velvet black sugar cleanser made to exfoliate and absorb excess oil leaving dull, oily, acne prone skin feeling fresh and matte. Its main ingredients are rhassoul mud, avocado, charcoal, sugar, and essential oils. Being that these products are handmade and do not include preservatives it is important to use up the products by the best before date on the pot. This cleanser also works great on the rest of your body as a scrub!
Click here for others reviews on the product, a video tutorial, and how to purchase other cosmetics from the company.

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