Sep 11, 2015

Fall 2015 Most Wearable Trends

Although New York Fashion Week has just started and every fashion girl/guy, blog, and magazine is in uproar, I wanted to take the time out to focus on Fall and Winter 2015. Seriously, lets be real, how many of us are really preparing at this very moment for spring/summer 2016? I mean unless you're Beyonce or Karli Kloss you probably won't be jet setting weekly to every part of the globe to even be worried about that.

Here in Atlanta its still about one hundred degrees outside, but summer officially ended last weekend so it's time to start planning out our fall wardrobe and getting prepared for the crucial winter mornings that are ahead.

A lot of the trends for this season have been a huge pendulum swing (reoccurring trend) so there isn't much need to run out and buy an entire new wardrobe. While head-to-toe black will always be in, designers are taking a plunge with rich browns and winter cream, as well as fringe, massive furs, and long line blazers.  Below are some of the top trends for this season to look out for!

Car Wash Skirts
This trend is a more polished version of the popular fringe trend, so dressing it with a clean blouse or button down will create a nice refined look.

Puffer Coats
These coats may have played out back in middle school but they're back in full affect with bold colors, cuts, and textures to keep you warm and stylish.

Skinny jeans have been "it" for almost a decade now and its time to give them a break. Let your ankles breathe in a nice pair of flare denim or trousers and pair them with chic wedges, high heels, or even a really cute pair of Chanel or Stella McCartney trainers.

Saturday Night Fever was the inspiration for this fall trend so once again flares, knits, boho silhouettes, and knee high stilettos are back into play.

It just wouldn't be right to have the 70's and 90's coming back into play without a little 80's. Electric shades of pink, green, and yellow paired with neutral colors like gray or camel are definite must-have's.

This has been 99.999 percent of everyone's least favorite color in the fashion industry but rich colors like maroon or copper will keep this look lively.

                                          Cool Hosiery
While basic stockings will always be a necessity, geometric patterns and fresh colors will give your plain outfit the pick me up it needs.

                                                                Winter Cream
All white after Labor Day may be tacky to some but nobody ever said anything about a little cream! Winter cream is a creamier version of winter white and texture along with intricate embroidery will remove to stark feeling of this shade.

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