Apr 9, 2010

Little 5 Points

My mom and I did a little retail therapy today down at Little 5 points. This was my first time ever going there and I absolutely loved it! Their stores cater to every style, and even had a few things I've never seen before.

Below are rants and raves of a few stores i visited...

American Apparel: I loved their "All American" classic looks. A lot of the stuff in here are colorful basics such as bodysuits, tanks, and tees. So if you're looking for something very funky and different this is definitely not the store for you. Also their prices weren't cheap but they were still affordable!

Abbadabba's: They definitely have some cute shoes but the "cheap" and "affordable" prices they claim to have is definitely a lie, or maybe they were just hiding somewhere. For a simple pair of flip flops you could find at a local mall, they had them for $50-200. I'd never buy a pair of shoes from there. I'm sorry, but their shoes aren't cute enough for me to pay $115 for a pair sandals.

Rag - O - Rama: I loved loved loved this boutique! This was a consignment shop that had almost EVERYTHING. I would've spent an entire 3 hours rummaging through the racks of clothes, purses, and shoes. They had brands such as Jimmy Choo, Guess, Louis Vuitton, and Nine West. My mom had to drag me out the store. I ended up leaving with a Juicy bag, and a dress. I'll definitely be going there again.

The Pink Zebra: This boutique had some pretty cute things. If you're not up to spend about $30 on a necklace or a bracelet you probably shouldn't go here, although it's worth it because every thing's new and just about all of their jewelry is hand crafted, and it's one of a kind. I ended up leaving here with a necklace and some Chanel earrings.

Bill Hallman: Although I didn't get anything from here he had some beautiful stuff in his boutique. It's definitely a high end boutique but the stuff is affordable if you usually spend about $60 on a pair of heels or $35 on a pair of jeans. They sold all types of looks from tie dye jeans to red carpet dresses.

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