May 23, 2010

Life is too short to blend in.

Naja 'Aunye' Ross

"Life is too short to blend in," and  as you can see Naja Ross demonstrates that with ease. She is only a freshmen and already dresses better than probably 65% of the girls at my school. lol. Above, Naja is wearing a top from Forever XXI, a skirt from a boutique in NY, necklace from H&M, bracelet (orange) from icing, (silver) from the "Cookie Lee" store in Va., and her rings and pearl bracelet were from  the apparel mart!
Below I asked her a couple questions about her favorite stores to shop, etc..

Q: What are some of your favorite stores to shop at?
A: F O R E V E R 21 (: my other favoritess : american eagle , h&m , the pink zebra , charlotte russe , PINK - victoria's secret, wet seal, & some more I cant think of at the moment .

Q: What are some of your favorite pieces to wear at the moment?
A: anything pink. I love pink . anything that would be considered different . pearlss & big statement jewelery. bubble skirt ! floral print . big headbands ! . . . you get the picture (:


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