Aug 7, 2010

La Moda es mi Vida:)........TRANSLATE IT.#smh

Yoooooo, lol. I swear I forgot I even had a blog today until I was scrolling through the history on this laptop! *apologizes* I've been MUY busy with my trip to Florida and all (which was awesome). But, all of that excitement is going to come crashing down Monday morning when I walk through DHS at 7a.m. instead of sleeping in my bed:/
   I'm excited a tad bit though, because I have alot of great things going on and ProjectBahiti has been doing great this summer. I'll be doing a post the first week back since thats when every one's looking their best -__- lol. OH YEAH, and I've been doing a loooooot of shopping. UO has some really nice stuff, that's definitely my new store, idc for foreverxxi anymore. Yal can have that:) lol. I won't be doing a post right now on everything I've bought, since I don't want people showing up w/ the same stuff I sowwy..BUT I will be taking a pic of my outfit everyday.


i've been looking for one of these dang racks forever.

is this the anorexic one?

not me..but i wish it
my friend lashawn, i <3 that guh.

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