Aug 19, 2010

Wasted Youth.

#aaahh my baby(:
I haven't been on here in like a week or is soo time consuming!! But I shall do better. Anyways, I don't have too much to talk about, school is boring, boys are dumb, and girls are dumber.lmao But, I have been working on getting into styling,
I swear I can't wait til I make it one day in the industry, and smile in everyone's face who EVER told me no as a model or stylist!
 OH and I'll be working on a shoot soon for my blog, and working on getting it printed out as a "magazine". Just for a keepsake (:

my little hubby(: lls. he's too cute.

ugh, i needa make a trip to l5p, get some s__ yal ain't never seen! lol

this is for my sweetie, larisa, if ur readin' :)

need i say anything?

#drools...mmm mm mm. & i'm still tight i missed that n.e.r.d concert sat.

I want some hot pink ones(:

is it true that every female has at least one girl crush? lol

i don't discriminate.

one more year >:)

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