Feb 23, 2011

23 things you may not know about me..

1. idk what i'd do without my iPhone

2. I've had the same red polish on my toes for a month o_0

3. I have a slight case of clausterphobia :/

4. I'm currently hiding in the office from my mom so I don't have to take pepto b.

5. I enjoy eating baby food

6. I got kicked off model mayhem lmao!

7. I use tanning lotion in the summer/winter

8. I have ocd

9. I have a pitbull named "lala"

10. I'm not anti-social, just kinda shy!

11. I'm on a steak & fish strike..but salmon, veggies, & potatoes have been on my mind *licks lips*

12. I'm terrified of the dark :/

13. I'm NOT rich.lol

14. cupcakes are the FASTEST way to my <3 !

15. I want to attend uga, scad, clark, parsons, howard, or ga state for fashion marketing/merchandise & journalism

16. I secretly want a tattoo on the inside of my lip *shifty eyes*

17. I <3 thrift stores. found a pair of fendi's once for a price you wouldn't believe o_0

18. I got a couple wet wipes in case a bum try to touch me..EW. loll

19. my hair is curly, but I wouldn't dare wear it to school

20. I don't wear fake eyelashes, mine are just really long :) *bats eyelashes*lol

21. I've been the same size since 7th grade

22. I don't like chicken

23. word around town is i'm boomin' (:

^.^ mmm

i love asians!





can I wear my hair like this w/ out cutting it?





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