Mar 5, 2011

C'est la vie

Its been a minute since my last post! The last time I posted something I was getting over the flu -.- but i'm glad to say i've recovered!lol A lot of interesting and EXCITING things have happened this past week. First off, i'll be modeling for a clothing line coming out to the public soon called "Kairy". Kairy is a wonderful line for those of you who love t shirts and hoodies PLUS it's affordable! Another thing that'll be coming up soon which i'm oober excited about is my internship with a stylist/designer here in Atlanta. I've worked really hard at my goals, and am glad that someone will be taking me under their wing soon:) Before you know it you all will be seeing me not only modeling, but styling and taking my journalism to another level!!

Courage, sacrifice, determination, toughness, heart, guts, mind, power, soul: that's what it takes & that's what we're made of. To hell w/ sugar+spice!! -kls

i'm starting a bow-tie collection:)


angela simmons & her pooch!

me. lol the caption to this.."smile daddy's
little princess." -.-


2011 releases


i love her 13's! the pink at the bottom >

hope i can do this one day:)

love this..only she can do that though

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Zarah said...

wow i love the dress with the bow :)
great pictures.

armoni said...

@ Zarah: isn't it adorable! I love anything with a nice bow on it. But thank you!
out of curiousity how'd u come acorss my blog? :) its always nice to see i have new readers.