May 18, 2011


Being that it's the last week of school and I already have 'senioritis' (which i've had since first semester lol) i've been getting pretty lazy with my hair and ensembles lately. Like I literally have to force myself out of my bed and all of the plush pillows and blankets I sleep on. Then around 6:35 (only about 5 mins before I leave for school) I grab whatever is appropriate, comfortable, and loose as Anyways, I finally figured out a way to wear my hair curly without it getting SUPER frizzy and dry. For those of you who attend school with me you know my previous attempts weren't so good...But i've had my hair curly the past 3 days and its still pretty soft, not very frizzy, or dry. My secret? Before I get out the shower I stand under the water completely drenching my whole head, then I QUICKLY put some conditioner(soft&beautiful $3) and pomade(cantu $7) in it. The reason I do it so fast is because when you touch your hair while it's wet and the curls are forming...well, you end up with a frizz ball on top of your head. Most people comb theirs with a wide tooth comb, but I don't. I can pretty much run my fingers through it without losing a piece of acrylic.

Hoped this helped all you curly sue's:)

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