May 23, 2011

SCAD 2011

So the other day my mom and I went to SCAD (savannah college of art & design) for their 2011 spring fashion show. SCAD has a gorgeous campus and it's definitely somewhere i'd consider going. All of the students I met seemed to like the college and didn't have many complaints. Also, it has one of the best art & fashion programs, and they have high graduating rates, and find students jobs after they graduate instead of leaving them without a career. Alot of the students got opportunities in New York for 3-4 months just weeks after graduation.
  Unfortunately, it was only a live screening since the actual fashion show took place at their campus in Savannah,Ga (which they failed to mention) being the fabulous people we are, we left the screening room "looking for the restroom" and enjoyed the rest of our evening admiring the city and dining in midtown. Here's a few pictures before the show:)...

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