Jun 1, 2011

The end.

I was going through some of my work from last semester and came across this poem I had to write for american literature based off of "The Notebook" by Nicholas Sparks. Its not the best, especially since I did it in 10 mins, but I wanted to share it:)

Love Forgotten
By: Armoni Crater

What is love when you can no longer remember?

The days we laughed, kissed, and all together shared with one another

What I thought we’d have for a lifetime is merely a story in a college ruled notebook

They say the heart grows fonder when apart

But yet my heart abundantly grows day by day since you’ve been away

Each day I hope for a better tomorrow

That you will remember what we had before you forgot everything

I try to use my imagination but reality always comes in between

So as I pick up this ballpoint pen

I only hope that the last page will end with three words

Happily ever after!

hahaha. Dumbest thing I ever wrote, but I got an A.


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