Jun 4, 2011

Fashion Week 2011 Fall Trend: Fringe

There's something about fringe that suggests the owner of the clothing is down for a good time, whether its expressing à la '20s flappers, boho, or taking cues from Western references. This trend is something that I've been keeping my eye on for about a year now and i'm so glad that it's finally popular (not that we should dress in trends)!
Anyways, I think this is something everyone can pull off (as long as its done in small doses) whether you're tall, short, a size 0, or 12. Which is great because I know being only 5'4" and weighing about 107 pounds it's not always easy finding flattering things for my body type.
I recently did a DIY from youtube on the new trend and took some pictures. It's not the best but well worth the try. The trend is available in almost every store from Macy's, Nordstrom, Bebe, Forever xxi, Love Culture, etc. but usually runs for about $20. Which isn't a lot, but if you're like me I don't like spending money on something that I can make myself for just a few dollars. Besides, before you know it you could become a fringing expert:)


skirt: $16 foreverxxi

t-shirt: $8 wal-mart

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