May 4, 2011


So I was thinking about it and I feel as though  I haven't really been true to myself or my readers on my blog. Don't get me wrong, everything I post is genuinely things that I like and not me just posting what I think is hot on other blogs..but I felt like my blog was beginning to look like a tumblr? Now no offense to any of my lovely readers with tumblrs because I LOVE tumblr, but the whole point of ProjectBahiti was to express myself through myself and others fashion, photography, fashion journalism, and everything else wonderful that goes along with a fashion blog.

Anyways, I wanted to do a post on a beautiful woman from Tx who calls herself the "Vintage Virgin". I've been reading her blog since I started mine in December 2009 and she's been a HUGE inspiration as far as my thrifting goes.
I think it's very important to step outside the box
and buy things outside from the mall and stores like Forever xxi, Hollister, Charlotte Russe, etc. I feel like so many girls spend all of their $ at these stores for "vintage" items and end up spending $60 on a pair of "vintage" boots, when I go to thrift stores and finding something better for $3! But here's some pics from her blog, also she has a store where she sells her pre-owned items or stuff that she makes which is linked on her blog as well!

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