May 1, 2011

Sweet little thoughts on staying sane..

Can you guys believe we have less than like 2 weeks of school left! I'm soo ready for summer like I don't think y'all understand. But I think i'm more ready for senior year & graduation more than anything. My senior year is going to be especially > since I made varsity football/basketball cheerleading. Plus i'll be doing lots of traveling with family and friends:) Anyways, whats up with females on the eastside?!lol I went to the fair last night with some friends over by stonecrest & this is the look I kept getting from girls ALL night:

while guys were like:
lmao. Anywaysss, here's some pics from my outfit last night and a few other randoms:)

Bodysuit: Material Girl $26
Shorts: Levi's - thrifted
I also wore pink/purple vans..

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