Aug 3, 2011

No Tea No Shade.

So lately i've been becoming more and more interested in makeup. Now i'm not a huge fan of young girls wearing a load of makeup especially if their just going to school or simple things of that nature. But if it's for a special event or if they know how to wear it and still look young, fresh, and not like a hooker i'm all for it! I myself don't wear much makeup (really only eye makeup for that matter) and when I do it's not much. My makeup routine usually consist of some eyeshadow (gold, silver, or pink), eyeliner, and mascara by Clinique, Beauty Rush, or Rimmel London. Oh yeah, and if i'm not wearing my pink lipgloss from beauty rush i'm wearing gold or pink lipstick by NYX with Estee Lauder or Hard Candy lipgloss on top. And if i'm feeling fancy i'll fill in my eyebrows with a dark brown I've never worn concealer or foundation for those of you wondering, if I ever did it'd definitely be a mineral foundation from Pro Activ or Mac cosmetics since I have very sensitive skin. Anyways, below are some pics of my makeup and how I do it. Sorry if the quality is crappy but I hate using my camera so for now i'll be using my  iPhone. For those of you who are more daring or experienced than I am with makeup, I've added some vids of Kim Kardashian below and how she does her makeup. Enjoy. xox

Before I apply any makeup I always make sure my face is cleansed and moisturized.
I use ProActiv but use whatever works best for you..

These are the brushes that I use. The green ones are Bath&Body
and the black one's are from Walmart and somewhere else. Idk but
i <3 them.

This is the palette I pretty much use any time I wear makeup
 unless I want something different. The palette is from Hard Candy. Unfortunately I don't think they have an online store anymore. I believe they sell products in Sephora still. They also have a Wal Mart line but I don't like it.
I use the darkest brown
in my crease and outter eye, I use the gold for my eyelid, and
the white shimmery color on my browbone to define it and make it pop.
(I'm so irritated these came out sideways -_-) Anyways,
 If you look at my "before" picture and this one you can see
my eyebrows look alot more defined and arched. By defining
your brows with an eye pencil and a little shadow below them, it makes it look
like you got them done even when you know you need to touch them up. Just don't let them
get too

In these pics i'm wearing my gold lipstick by NYX called Pecan Pie. You can get it at any beauty supply store for like $3-5. And i'm wearing a brown gloss over it by Hard Candy.

Did I mention how mad I am that these are sideways?? lol Ughh

Voila:) I also used a little mascara and eyeliner on my outter lids.
Nothing special. Just something fresh, natural, and sexy
 for those of you who aren't very experienced with makeup..

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