Feb 26, 2012


I've been listening to M.I.A for the past hour and am slowly becoming more and more obsessed with her. Most people know this Sri Lanka native for her single a few years ago paper planes featuring some of what was raps greatest artist at the time i.e. Lil' Wayne. But songs like Bucky Done Gun, 20 Dollar and Bird Flu are personally some of her greatest songs to me.
  M.I.A (maya) is everything that I love and aspire. She's effortlessly beautiful, stylish, sexy, and cool all at once. For most people including myself, her style and entire aura is what attracts you to her and her music. All of her outfits are flashy but earthy at the same time! Her ensembles almost always consist of metallics, bright colors, band t-shirts, gold chains, and bright lipstick to top it off. A lot of my outfits have been inspired by her, so hopefully one day she will bless us all with a clothing line of some sort. Guess I'll have to take that up with the fashion gods :3. But anyways, M.I.A is definitely not someone to sleep on..fashion-wise or musically....

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