Jun 8, 2012

Made In China

When meeting someone new we tend to focus on their outfit, shoes, and hair when passing judgement on them. And although it’s not always best to do so, it’s human and everyone does it whether we want to admit it or not. Besides, isn’t that part of the reason why most of us spend our paychecks (or parents money) on things like hair, clothes, shoes, etc.? Now of course it’s important to do these types of things for yourself and not to fit in, but the way we do/wear certain things is how we express ourselves. Even something as simple as how you wear a bun. Is it neat and perfect, or messy and relaxed? This all goes along with our mood and how we want to express ourselves at the moment. So how about taking it a step further and using your manicure as a way to do this? For so many girls after the tender age of 13 you no longer want to wear barbie pink nails with flowers and glitter on each nail that the sweet little lady at the nail salon insists upon. and After years and years of being asked, “you want design?” You don’t even want to think of those little swirls and flowers on your nails. Or, if you’re like me you’re just too cheap to pay the extra $5-10 for it. Well, if you’re ready to take your manicure a step further without spending bank (and still look your age) you’ll love Kimmie Kyees.
Kyees developed an interest for nails as a child when she would go with her mother to get her nails done at the flea market. In an interview she states how she’d always ask questions such as what certain things were, what they did, and why they were important. fifteen years later she went from working at a spa in Columbus, Ohio to painting nails in LA and NY for some of the world's biggest stars. You can catch celebs like Rihanna, Kelis, Nicole Richie, Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry and more stepping out of her LA nail salon. But if you live in Atlanta like myself, you’re probably not going to fly to LA for a manicure (and if you are please take me) so Kimmie Kyees has made a line of polishes/press-ons, Minx which are  available  in ULTA stores. Below are just a few pictures of some of my favorite manicures done by Kyees.

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