Mar 9, 2014

'CC Mart' Chanel Fashion show at PFW 2014

Main Entry Image

Imagine being at the grocery store and instead of broccoli, cereal, and meats filling the aisles they were filled with high fashion jewelry and ready-to-wear items, specifically Chanel. Well thanks to Karl Lagerfield this lovely little dream became many peoples reality during Paris Fashion Week this past week at the Grand Palais. As editors, bloggers, and big name celebs like Kendall Jenner and Rihanna rolled down the runway with (or in) their shopping carts models for the runway show also graced the "shopping center" in the collections items as they checked off their grocery list as well. As Karl Lagerfield is pretty much the king when it comes to runway shows this was of no surprise to the fashion industry. I cannot wait to see what he has inspired others to do next!
Below are a few photographs from the show.