Mar 16, 2014

Taking New Heights

spring flats

It's Friday night and after a long week of classes and work you cannot wait to get home and get ready for girls night, especially so you can show off those new Hudson Jeans and Vince Camuto stilettos you caught on sale just a few days ago. However, after a little over an hour of being at the club your feet are throbbing and being 'that chick' that just sits at the bar being cute suddenly becomes your entire existence and a nice bubble bath followed by a foot rub is more and more appealing. As females we all go through this (some more than others) but what if I told you change is in the air and was found on every runway for spring 2014? The saying that beauty is pain has been around for many years and was probably told to us by all of our mothers growing up as they curled, twisted, and beaded our hair for hours on end. Fortunately, there's a new trend in fashion that will change the way our feet look and feel forever (well really just this season) and Celine was the first brand to introduce it last spring with their clunky mink-tufted slides "furkenstocks". 

After years of six inch heels and wedges taking every woman's feet by storm, footwear in fashion has been refreshed with flat-soled silhouettes to pair perfectly with everything from evening wear to cropped pants. This new trend can easily go from a sporty day look to perfect shoes for a dinner date with the boo by adding large sized gemstones or a geisha platform for anyone who may be worried about looking childish or half dressed. While flats may technically be better for your feet, fashion is cyclical so it is important to emphasize both flats and heels so that your feet are not only taking all the weight of your body from wearing heels, but also avoiding the lack of ankle support with most flats.