Mar 23, 2014

Solange for Harper's Bazaar

My favorite girl crush Solange Knowle's has graced us with her presence in next months issue of Harper's Bazaar magazine. With her fun, sexy, eclectic style it was only right for this world traveling best dressed DJ to do so! Solange has taken the fashion industry by storm the past few years with her ecentric afros and amazing ability to pair vibrant hues and cultural prints. You would think with her being the little sister of Beyonce that breaking into the music and fashion industry would be terrifying, but at the age of 16 Solange released her debut album Solo Star (which unfortunately was a flop) but the rising star didn't allow that to stop her. Now 11 years later Solange has a top 10 Billboard200 album, her own label (Saint Records), and the position as art director and creative director for Puma. The world has watched Solange grow into the wonderful 27 year old that she is today, and with all of the knowledge she has gained and opportunities among her, I am excited to see where the next few years will bring this "cool girl" in the fashion and music industry. The April issue will be hitting the stands March 25!