Jul 1, 2014

June Favorites

I find myself at the drugstore quite often throughout the month so I wanted to start sharing my favorite beauty products once every month for you all to try! For the month of June I had a total of 7 products that I really LOVE!  Below is the name of each product, its description, and where it can be purchased.

Sugar Island Essentials Body Scrub: I purchased this awesome scrub during an event at my job a couple of weeks ago for about $12. This is hands down the most amazing body scrub I have ever used! It’s made of like 10 different oils and vitamins. My skin was super soft, glowing, and moisturized. This scrub is so amazing I didn’t even need to use lotion after drying off before getting dressed! This is a really great product especially for anyone who may have dry skin and should be used 2-3 times a week. For anyone interested you can contact them via Etsy or Instagram!

Australian Gold ‘Forever After’ body lotion: I have been using this lotion since I was about 12 years old. My Godmom used to work at a tanning salon and knows that I have always enjoyed tanning but also have really dry skin. While it is made for people who tan so that they’re color can be preserved and moisturized to reduce wrinkles and stretch marks, anyone can use it. This stuff smells amazing and makes my skin really soft! This lotion can be ordered online or at your local tanning salon!

Sally Hansen ‘Hard as Wraps’: This stuff is amazingggg. My nails are so weak from gel manicures and acrylic I had to wear them natural but couldn’t deal with the constant ripping and tearing. This is just a clear polish that can be purchased at Wal-mart or any drug store for about $7. Apply one THIN coat as this stuff is very thick and watch your nails become stronger and longer in about two weeks.

Essie nail polish: Essie has been my favorite nail polish since freshmen year when I was living on campus and couldn’t always afford to go get a manicure. It’s only $8.50 and can be purchased at CVS/Walgreens and comes in an array of colors! My two favorites so far is “butler please!” and “tart deco”.

Sally Hansen ‘Hard as Nails’ polish: This is another favorite brand of mine. It’s a couple dollars cheaper than Essie and still works well!
Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile soap: This is an all-natural soap that I bought specifically to clean my piercings (because regular bar soap isn’t good) but it can also be used on the rest of your body and is also really great for meditating in the shower!

Essence of Beauty jumbo wedges: I purchased these wedges from the drugstore for about $5 because I was tired of getting my hands messy from applying my tinted moisturizer with my fingers. They’re latex free and are great for blending/applying makeup. Just be sure to use a new one every week to avoid bacteria.

Clinique tinted moisturizer: I forgot to include this in the picture but this is great for anyone looking for light coverage that has sensitive skin. It instantly gives me a natural amount of coverage and is light weight.

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