Jul 21, 2014

Welcome to Miami

So if you follow me on Instagram you probably know that I spent the past week vacationing in Miami. It was my first time going and it was everything I expected and more! It felt so good to leave the slow, congested, city life of Atlanta and spend some time just clearing my mind and meeting new people. Growing up in Atlanta a.k.a "black Hollywood" and visiting another city like Miami was a major culture shock for me, but I appreciate and enjoyed it none the less. 

The first couple of days were spent shopping (because what's a vacay without a little retail therapy). I can't remember the name of each mall we visited but I ended up leaving with a really cute leopard print cross-body clutch, an LA over sized tank, and a really cute jersey inspired sequin crop top from Zara. 
The shopping in Miami was completely different from the style of clothing we have here in Atlanta. Everything was very beachy, comfortable, and colorful, so i'm excited to style my new pieces with my existing wardrobe at home. 

I was lucky to be with someone who was familiar with the area so I got to see a side of Miami that most vacationers don't get to see, because lets face it everyone just wants to hit these major cities and do everything they see the celebs or their fave person on Instagram doing.

With Just a few days left we decided to spend some time at the ocean and hit South Beach where we laid out for a few hours and just enjoyed each others company. 
There is really nothing greater than spending time with someone you care about in their hometown, because you get to experience another side of them that you have never seen before. From visiting favorite food spots that I always hear about, going to clubs, meeting childhood friends and family, and doing things a little outside of my comfort zone this was a trip that I will never forget. I've always been pretty afraid to try new things and go new places but this trip definitely opened my eyes and heart to new things, people, and experiences. 

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