Feb 6, 2010

Be mine ?

As we all know Valentine's day is just one week away, and if you have a bf or not you pretty much have plans. Whether you're going to dinner with the snookums :] or having a girls night out hoping to run into some cute boys you want to make sure you do it with your best foot...or in this case Findi suede pumps forward ;]
I was recently on Teen Vogue's website doing my weekly update and they had a "32 Valentine's Day Find" listing things from purses, to shoes, perfume, clothes, and electronics which gave me the idea to do this. If you're going on a date or somewhere with the girls and you want to make sure all eyes are on you try wearing something very chic & sexy (but keep it classy). *although it's valentine's day that doesn't mean wear a red top, pink pants, and white shoes, that's sooo junior high* try to choose one of the three colors. I'd wear something like a simple red or black fitting dress (not too tight!) with black booties, or gladiator heels, and a black bomber jacket. Just remember don't go too overboard with the accessories whatever you choose to wear. Throw a cute simple red/black clutch under your arm, a long simple necklace OR to sweeten it up a bit a small simple headband with a red or cream bow would work. After that prep your lips with a MAC lip conditioner which I swear by, or if you want to spend just 6 or $7 sephora has a wonderful conditioner by Scheppes that taste just like ginger-ale ;], next smoothe on some red cream lipstick by Dolce & gabanna (which you can also purchase at www.saks.com for about $30), and last spray some of your favorite perfume (mine would be "Ooh LaLa" by V.secrets or "Daisy" by Marc Jacobs) in all the right places.
If you plan on spending an active the day with family or friends and don't want to deal with digging your heels in the dirt all day I found a really cute pair of vans on vans.com for $55 that are black and have little pink & red hearts. Pair them with a pair of cute skinnies (preferably ripped), a cute tshirt maybe off the shoulder if its not too cold, but if it is throw a cardigan over a tshirt or camisole, some bracelets, a big bold bag, a long necklace, and a cute hat or headband.. & for those of you who do have a valentine don't forget that Tiffany's has a new necklace($70) with a pendant of a key ($150) for a total of $220! remember, "It's Tiffany, not claire's!" You don't get this everyday ;]

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