Sep 9, 2011


 Fashion's Night Out is an event in its third year taking place all over the world. From Manhattan to Milan, or even Atlanta to Australia, it's a fashion calamity with stores in over 250 cities all around the country and 1,000 retailers in one city (NYC) alone! This event is like Fashion Week on crack... where else can you get a makeover, must-haves, fashion and festivities, carnival and costumes, bloggers and buyers, celebrities and celebrations all in one?! I'll wait... no where! Unfortunately I'm not able to go this year for various reasons. Being a 17 year old high school senior with classes and college to worry about (and the fact that I'm unemployed) made it pretty impossible. But no worries, i'll make it up there within the next year or two. I swear! So be ready ;) Below are some photographs from the event at various locations around the country. Featuring celebs, designers, and everyday people like you and I!
- Armoni.

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